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Our products cover a diverse range of end markets. They are designed to meet the needs of the industry in general and our technical advisory service has the means to develop and design the most appropriate treatments and products, providing solutions to all the problems faced by our customers.

We are the leaders in supplying chemicals for food production, water treatment and the  manufacturing of products for a wide variety of industrial sectors.


This sector covers a wide range of day-to-day products and services people often do not even notice. They include: organic and inorganic acids, bases, oxidizing agents and reducers, batteries, cleaning products and a long list that goes on and on.


We have a wide range of cleaning, disinfectant and descaling products which guarantee that the manufacturing, packaging and production processes are free of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms, passing the most stringent hygienic controls.


At Aquacenic we have plenty of experience and highly qualified professionals from the water sector. For water treatment we work with coagulants (iron and aluminium salts, organic coagulants, mixers, mixtures, etc.), pH regulators, biocides, oxidizing agents, reducing agents and flocculants needed to treat drinking water, wastewater and pools.

We have taken up the challenge posed by the environment and are undertaking great efforts in innovation within this sector, using advanced technology for the treatment and purification of water.

Our mission is to optimize the processes of the treatment of wastewater and water for human consumption. We offer different treatment options for drinking water and wastewater, in both municipal and industrial markets. The result is a series of comprehensive solutions that open up new ways of solving environmental problems by giving us a much more global perspective.


Aquacenic provides this industry with solutions aimed at achieving safe, bacteria-free feed, animal development and food production.


We offer a wide range of acidic and alkaline detergents to meet the needs of the food,  beverage and agricultural industries providing safe and effective cleansing.  


Aquacenic offers products aimed at improving the processes of mineral extraction and separation. We also provide the necessary coagulants and flocculants so grey waters can be disposed of safely in accordance with the regulations, or recirculated and reused in the initial processes.


Aquacenic offers the necessary products for the manufacture of paper pulp, in order to improve and optimize manufacturing processes in the sector.


Aquacenic’s products for the textile industry offer solutions and improvements in the processes of dyeing and finishing of fabrics.


Aquacenic always present in the major industrial sectors, is also committed to the development of new, more environmentally-friendly fuels and renewable energies through collaboration in this sector by seeking the use of safer and more efficient products.



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